Capacity building for rural initiatives

In our work we tend to collaborate with all types of tourism businesses who wish to develop their activities in a sustainable way. Nonetheless, our primary focus is on rural initiatives and community-based organizations who decide to pursue tourism as an alternative economic activity.

Our cooperation with them covers a variety of areas required for a successful development of tourism. We make sure to involve all important stakeholders in this process and to work together with all of them. It is crucial to find “common ground” among the community members so that tourism can benefit the highest possible number of families. Covering all topics thoroughly is challenging but we try to deal with the majority of them or, at least, to cover those of the highest importance for the community. Capacity building for rural initiatives includes:

  • Help in establishing a cooperative or association dedicated to tourism business
  • Product development
  • Application of sustainable practices in tourism activity
  • Revenue management
  • Design of catalogue offer
  • Customer service training
  • Product distribution and collaboration with incoming operators
  • Communication and promotion

Whether we collaborate in few topics or we cover all of them, we always emphasize importance of applying sustainable practices in all stages of development. Finally, it is important to highlight significance of monitoring and keeping track on the numbers of visitors so that tourism does not create the opposite effect of the one desired.