Product distribution

Economic feasibility is equally important as other two pillars of sustainable tourism – environmental and social aspect of it. To accomplish it, services and products need visibility and market where they are sold and promoted. To avoid any unwanted side effect, you need to be careful with selection of partners and commercialization strategies you want to apply.

To attract desired type of visitors you might want to use distinguished channels dedicated to specific market segments, tour operators and distributors specialized in responsible tourism. Whether you want to use B2C or B2B channels or you want to combine these two, presence on different markets is crucial for the increase of your results. It will enable you to deliver your offer to all potential visitors and establish sales levels needed for your business.

In order to successfully achieve positive outcomes, we help you with:

  • Commercialization of your offer and cooperation with essential market players
  • Revenue management and its application in your business
  • Choice between single services and/or packages
  • Design and development of your digital marketing strategy