Sustainability assessment

Our core interest and main inspiration is to make travelling more responsible and sustainable. We believe that sustainable tourism is a concept rather than just a segment of one big industry. With sustainability assessment we help organizations and providers of travel experiences to make their business more responsible towards the environment in which they operate. We assist in applying sustainable practices in various stages of business process enhancing with that overall performance.

Therefore, we can advise on techniques and technologies which are utilized in:

  • Waste management
  • Use of organic waste
  • Diminishing single-use products
  • Water management
  • Energy management

Apart from environmental sustainability, we help you to create a positive impact in your local community, making them part of your project, working with local suppliers and organizations to multiply the benefit of tourism. Social and economic sustainability are equally important cornerstones of responsible development and require special attention from all parties involved.

Furthermore, we perform a deep analysis of your current sustainability level and compare your efforts against the requirements of sustainability certifications. This way, you can have a clear picture of where your business currently stands and which areas ask for changes and additional efforts.