Echoes of the Journey on Radio 12 Entre Rios

May 18, 2018
Colon's Radio 12 hosted us two times in their Libromania program. Listen Laura and Stefan discussing about modern travel and tourism industry

While we were exploring Argentina’s north-east in the province of Entre Rios, we were invited to visit Colon’s Radio 12. One of the biggest stations in the region, it covers various subjects of the life in this part of Argentina.

We were guests on two nights in the program Libromania. Show is hosted by cute couple Marta Stella and Aquiles and every week covers topics in literature and cultural life of Entre Rios. They cover as well all the latest news in worldwide literature and recall some of the major works and writers from the past.

Laura was speaking about Echoes of the Journey project and her interview you can listen HERE.

On the other hand, Stefan spoke about current state and tendencies in tourism. His interivew you can listen HERE.

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