Who we are
We are tourism professionals with 20 years of combined work experience in the sector, committed to using tourism as a force for good. At a time when we are living a multi-level systemic crisis caused by extractive lifestyles, we feel the need to contribute to the transition to regenerative development, restoring the connection between humans and Nature through tourism.
How we do it
By applying and disseminating concepts and tools of responsible and regenerative tourism, we help communities thrive, facilitating participatory processes to develop tourism in line with the unique needs of the place.
What we do
As advisors, we provide capacity building to different types of initiatives, assisting them in developing and designing regenerative tourism experiences, helping them to assess and increase their positive impact on local livelihoods, developing commercial strategies and strengthening networks of stakeholders at a local and regional level.


Sustainability assessment

With our work we help organizations and providers of travel experience to make their business more responsible towards the environment in which they operate. We assist in applying sustainable practices in various stages of business process enhancing with that overall performance. Therefore, we can advise on techniques and technologies...
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Capacity building for rural initiatives

In our work we tend to collaborate with all types of tourism businesses who wish to develop their activities in a sustainable way. Nonetheless, our primary focus is on rural initiatives and community-based organizations who decide to pursue tourism as an alternative economic activity.
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Product development

We can help you to develop product which suits the best for the resources you have and satisfies the needs of the customers you want to attract. Whether is it an itinerary, single service, package, excursion, educational course, day stay or a tour, it can be personalized and optimized for the best possible outcome.
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Product distribution

To attract desired type of visitors you might want to use distinguished channels dedicated to specific market segments, tour operators and distributors specialized in responsible tourism. Whether you want to use B2C or B2B channels or you want to combine these two, presence on different markets is crucial for the increase of your results.
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By explaining the concept behind your idea and practices you apply, visitors will be able to get to know you even before meeting you during their journey. It will enable you to pass appropriate message and, on the other hand, them to understand better what is it that you do exactly and motivation behind your actions.
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Work in 15 countries in Latin America, Europe and Oceania

More than 40 initiatives of responsible and rural tourism development

Work in 8 different areas of tourism and travel industry:

among others, 7 eco-lodges and hotels, 9 cooperatives of community-based tourism, 4 tour operators, 15 public and private bodies and institutions, 5 private natural reserves

Built a network of 100 tourism professionals worldwide


The rejuvenation of European pilgrimage routes

Cultural routes and pilgrimage trails are not a new phenomenon, but with the current pandemic situation they are gaining renewed momentum. People are increasingly seeking the opportunity to spend time outdoors to reconnect with nature and with themselves. In this context, pilgrimage paths and cultural itineraries satisfy various motivations, both for religious people and for those in search of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
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Rasoterra – regenerative organic agriculture in the Aso valley

Regenerative organic agriculture is not a new concept, still, it is relatively unknown to the general public. After presenting an idea behind regenerative tourism in one of the previous articles, here's a story about the concept of regenerative agriculture, from the perspective of one small family-run business. We spoke with Yuri Marchioni and Isabella Cocci from Rasoterra in the Italian region of Le Marche
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